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The amazingly long boredom blaster survey
Your general info
Your name:Becky
Your age:25
Your birthday:12/21/80
Your astrological sign:Sag
Your hometown:Frederick County
Your mother's name:Susan
Your father's name:James (aka Diego, Loco, Muy Loco)
Your pets:Missy(dog), Emily(cat)
Color(s):Orioles colors ;) really, no favorite
Food(s):I like all food
Animal(s):cute ones
Soft drink(s):no favorite
Childhood toy:no favorite
Band(s)/Artist(s):Gruppa PM (formerly known as Premier-Ministr) :)
Article of clothing:no favorite,
Person you've met:all my loco/a friends
Person you haven't met:n/a
Song(s):a lot of them
Key on the keyboard:n/a
...why is that your favorite key?:n/a
Ice cream flavor:n/a
Pizza topping:n/a
Breed of dog:n/a
Breed of cat:n/a
Breed of snake:n/a
TV channel:UnivisiСn :)
Radio station:n/a
CD you own:n/a
Nail polish color:n/a
Piece of jewelery:n/a
Class in school:well it was languages :)
Cafeteria food from high school:n/a
Flavor of chips:n/a
Kind of cake:chocolate
Kind of pie:pumpkin
Kind of cookie:n/a
Power Ranger:n/a
Spice Girl:n/a
Backstreet Boy:they are all LOCOS
Kevin Smith movie:n/a
Cuss word:it's not in English :-P
Witty catchphrase:TЗ eres muy loco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Room in your house:my room
State you've visited:n/a
Fairly Oddparent:n/a
Love, and all that shit
Do you have a significant other?:no
(If you're single, answer the questions with an ex in mind)
What is their name?:David
How did the two of you meet?:at a residental summer camp for blind/VI teens
How long have (or had) you been together?:4 years
Are you a virgin?:nope (but didn't lose it to him)
Are you happy with that decision?:yep
What is the sweetest thing your s.o. has ever done for you?:just be there with me
Are you in love?:well we broke up in 1999, but I still have friendly feelings for him
Would you die for them?:no
Do you think this relationship will last forever?:well it lasted four years
How many exes do you have?:1
Which one do you hate the most?:I don't hate him at all
Which one broke your heart the worst?:I actually initiated the breakup, and it was a mutual agreement
Were you in love with that person?:yep
What's your favorite thing to do with your s.o.?:just be with them
Do the two of you have a song that's "your song"?:no
Have you ever slow danced with them?:yep
Have you ever watched the sunset with them?:no
How about the sunrise?:no
How awesome was that?:-
What do you typically look for in a guy/girl?:nice personality, friendly
Would you rather they be tall or short?:don't care
Chubby or skinny?:don't care
What color eyes?:don't care
And their hair?:don't care
Do looks matter?:no
Do you presently have a crush on anyone?:maybe ;)
If so, who?:well I have fangirl crushes on various people
Do they know about it?:no
How long have you had this crush?:that depends on the person
Do you plan on telling them about it?:if I could I probably would
Do they have a significant other?:some do and some don't
How about an insignificant other?:haha
Do you plan on getting married?:someday yep
What's your wedding going to be like?:not sure
Are you saving yourself for your wedding night?:nope :-P
Are manual and oral sex still sex?:yep
So, if you have oral sex, are you a virgin?:well you're a vaginal virgin :-P
Lets just say for a second that oral sex means you're not a virgin.:ok
Now, are you still a virgin?:nope :-P
At what age did you have your first s.o.?:14
First kiss?:14
First honest-to-God makeout session?:19
First sexual experience?:19
First child?:can't get pregnant due to reproductive anomalies (also can't get my period, woooooo!!!!!)
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?:yep
With tongue?:yep
Somewhere other than the lips?:not yet :-P
Do you consider yourself bisexual or homosexual?:bisexual
Have you ever had sex (any kind) with someone of the same sex?:not yet :-P
Have you ever had a wet dream?:yep
Choices, choices...
Spaghetti or pizza?:both
Black or white?:both
Silver or gold?:don't care
The sun or the moon:both
Rap or rock:rap, yo
Avril Lavigne or Hilary Duff:both of them are good
Ashlee Simpson or shooting yourself in the head:Certain boys make me wanna lala!
Punk rock or LiEk OMG PuNk RaWk!!!!!!!11one:Punk rock
Christianity or not Christianity:well I'm Catholic but don't really follow any religion (like I believe but I rarely go to church)
Radio or TV:both
TV or computer:both
Chocolate or vanilla:both
Sunrise or sunset:-
Jeopardy! or Who Wants to be a Millionaire:neither
! or ?:!
Guitar or drums:singing
Cell phone or normal phone:both
Dogs or cats:both
AIM or MSN:both
Spring or Fall:summer
Summer or Winter:summer
. or ...:..........................
Me or you:us
Your place or mine:hahahaha
Earrings or necklaces:neither
Piercings or no piercings:piercings
Tattoos or no tattoos:tatu ;)
Frodo or Sam:loco
Elves and dragons or cabbages and potatoes? ;):loco
Monopoly or Risk:neither
Cigarettes or alcohol:alcohol in moderation
sXe or SEX:sex
Cudding or making out:both
Making out or having sex:both
Having sex or making love:depends on the person
Loving affectionate relationship or wild, amazing one-night stand:both hee hee
Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes:both
Cold or hot:hot
Pink or green:both
Blue or yellow:both
:) or :-)?:;P
Wal Mart or K-Mart:K-Rod
Aeropostale or Abercrombie:don't care
Horses or cows:mooooooooooooooo
Goats or goats:you mean sheep or goats
Goats rock.:maaaaaaaah(American goat) meeeeeeeeeeeh(Latino goat)
Questions I haven't asked yet
How old was your mom when she had you?:28
How about your dad?:30
Do you have any siblings?:yep
What are their names and ages?:Kimberly, 13
How many rooms are in your house?:enough
What time do you usually go to bed?:depends
When do you usually get up?:depends
How often do you masturbate?:at least once a week
Does it bother you when people spell 'masturbate' wrong?:no, it's loco
Are you a grammar nazi?:no
Do you like Creed?:they're ok
What religion are you?:I explained that before
If you just said atheist, why?:loco
Did you / will you / would you vote for George W.?:boooooooooo
Why or why not?:he sucks
Do you think abortion is wrong?:don't care
Have you ever smoked weed?:no
Ever done pills?:just prescription meds
What kind?:none of your beezwax loco/a
Ever tripped acid?:no
Do you drink alcohol?:in moderation
Do you smoke crack?:no
Do cocaine?:no
Do anything else that'll kill you?:no
Are you addicted to anything?:the Internet
Are you trying to quit?:no
Is it working?::-p
Have you ever won any major awards, and if so, what?:I got Departamental Honors from the foreign language department in HS
If I haven't asked this already, what's your favorite TV show?:no favorite
Did you watch Sesame Street when you were little?:yep
Did you know how to read before you went to Kindergarten?:yep
I did.:cool
What color was your first car?:I can't drive
Can I have your phone number?:xxx-xxx-xxxx
Who are your best friends?:a lot of loco people
Which friend have you known the longest?: 
Which word is funnier: 'sausage' or 'zebu'?:you're funny
Do you type with the CAPS LOCK on?:SOMETIMES
Do you know anyone named Jorge? (Pronounced whore-hay):YES AND HE IS MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY MUY LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I do know other Jorges but they are not as LOCO as he is...and also, he's the only one I call "Whore-hay"; the others are Jorgie or just Jorge to me.
Have you ever met a celebrity?:yep (have met various, next two answers are about Enrique Iglesias)
Did you have sex with them?:no
Did you want to?:eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww I wouldn't have sex with HIM if he was the last man on earth because HE IS MUY LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a word that you use all the time that annoys your friends?:no
What was the last thing you ate?:fried chicken!
Listened to?:myself laughing at Whorehay
Sang?:a loco song about loco people
Have you ever committed a felony?:no
Were you convicted of it?:loco
What was your first concert?:I went to see a few children's music stars when I was younger
What's your favorite concert memory?:Enrique Iglesias singing to me and me singing to him and him being loco
Name three celebrities you'd fuck:Francisco RodrМguez, Kyle Farnsworth, Bronson Arroyo
Are you a vegetarian?:no
Do you know anybody who's a vegetarian?:yep
Do you sometimes eat meat really slowly in front of them to piss them off?:hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that would be loco
Have you ever been in a fistfight?:well roughhousing/playfighting yes, but not a real one
Did you win?:we were just playing so there were no winners or losers
What's your screenname?:depends on which program you're using
Do you play chess?:no
Do you like chess pie?:what?
Do you watch South Park?:YES
Who's your favorite character?:all of them!
Which is your favorite Looney Toon?:n/a
Do you shop at Hot Topic?:no
Did you know that the Gap owns Hot Topic?:I don't care
Have you ever ridden a horse?:yep
An elephant?:haha nope
A camel?:no
A cowboy?:LMAO hahahahahahahaha...not yet :-P
Does that "Redneck Woman" song get on your nerves?:nope
Are you a redneck woman?:yep
Black ink or blue ink?:both
College ruled or wide ruled?:both
Have you ever worn a thong?:maybe ;)
Did you enjoy it?:-
Are you wearing a thong RIGHT NOW?!:no
What's the point of thongs?:to turn the guys on
Do you prefer shoes or being barefoot?:barefoot around the house, shoes outside
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? What are their names?:well I don't sleep WITH them...
Did this survey make you less bored?:yep
What time is it?:7:01 pm
How's the weather?:good
How are you feeling today?:muy bien
There are only ten questions left. Does this make you sad?:no
R U 1337?:|\/| | \/\/|-|/-\T?
Have you ever kissed someone at midnight on New Year's?:no
What's on your mousepad?:nada
If you're one of those smartasses who said "my mouse," please go die.:you die! AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you're lucky I'm a Muggle :-P)
Actually don't go die, that's a pretty clever response.:gracias
Britney: Hoochie-mama, or slut-faced whore?:WHORE-HAY
Have you ever called someone an ass-cookie to their face?:no
Seen any good movies lately?:maybe
Do you enjoy Pez?:yep
Is there a spoon?:what?
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