Becky (beckydr) wrote,

My 9/11 story

(Translated from Spanish (from's message board))
On September 11th, at 10:05 am, I went running out of the Spanish House at Hood College because I was late for a class (which started at 9:55!) and I hadn’t even taken two steps when one of my house-mates came running from a class. Upon leaving the house, I had noticed that someone had left the television on and with the volume very high, so I asked my house-mate if she had been the one who had turned the television on (I thought maybe she had turned it on to see a show but at that minute had realized that it was time for her to go to class and she had forgotten to turn it off before leaving). Well, when I asked her, she said “No, but I’m about to watch it because a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.” As I was already late for my class, I didn’t really pay attention to what she was saying (although I was a little concerned by what she had said, I thought it was probably just an accident) and went running to class. Well, after class, I asked the professor if she knew what had happened, and she told me everything; immediately, I went back to the house and turned on the TV in my room, and that’s how I knew what had happened. Because of what happened, there were no more classes that day (I wish they had cancelled the class that I arrived late to, because then I would not have been late), but by the next day everything was back to normal…well, at least in reference to classes.
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